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French Braid Beginner Tutorial

A good while back we posted a much requested hair tutorial on braiding.

And even though our following numbers are not huge it still received

over 11,000 views. After only one posting! Hopefully it will be helpful to you

and get you started on a fun braiding journey.

This video is great for the beginner. It shows you how to section the hair and where to place hands and fingers. Braiding takes some dexterity but with some practice I am confident you can do it. Braids are the kind of technique that once you learn the basics you can do lots and lots of different styles. I suggest watching the first part a couple of times so you can familiarize yourself with the movements. And remember you can pause the video as you work your way through it. You can do it!

We'd love to know if this video helps! Leave us a comment down below or tag us on our socials. And let us know any other techniques you'd like to see. Happy braiding!


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