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Black Shampoo for Beautiful Tone and Shiny Blonde Hair

For years purple shampoo has been the only help

for controlling brassy tones in blonde hair. That is until now.

There is a new shampoo that takes this blonde game to the next level.

And we at HBI Salon are tickled to share it with you!

Milkshake ICY BLOND shampoo's purpose is to control brassiness but it goes a step further and controls orangish tones as well! It contains a specific black pigment that is much stronger in its effectiveness and can also be used for more broader purposes.

In lighter hair it can make the blonde appear brighter and in darker blondes

or even brunette hair it can keep brassiness at bay.

It only needs to be used once a week to keep your toner looking fabulous.

It can be used more often for gray toners. Diluting it with your regular shampoo

for more minimal control of unwanted warm tones is also an option.

You can play around with it to find the perfect routine for your hair needs.

It leaves beautiful tone in blonde hair that will also add shine.

And shine is a plus no matter what hair color you are rocking.

It's use of milk proteins and grapeseed oil

make this shampoo one that we think you will love.

BONUS: the grape scent is SUPER YUMMY.

Order from the Hibbi Boutique right here on our website

or pick it up on your next visit to HBI SALON.

Have a happy Hibbi day !

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