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Why you NEED to clean your hairbrush!

And how to do it quickly

What do you mean you never clean your hairbrushes?? Well it is high time you started my friend! It is seriously easy and can be done without having to spend a lot of time. The benefits of a clean hairbrush are huge! Here are just a few reasons you will want to make this a regular habit:

  • #1 It's full of DEAD SKIN CELL! yuck Your skin is constantly regenerating and so that means the left over dead skin cells are all over your hairbrush.

  • The natural oil and sebum that your scalp produces rubs onto the bristles. This can result in oily hair. Your hair may not be as oily as you think. A dirty brush could be the culprit.

  • The shed hair that is left in your brush is just a magnet and wonderful holding nest for DUST! And every time you brush with it you just work that dust into your hair. Not only is that kind of yucky but it can also dull your hairs appearance.

  • And lastly product buildup. Even water soluble products will leave a buildup on your brush, especially if they never come in contact with WATER! The one thing that will remove residue. LOL

So here is a quick video to give you the visual of how easy it is to clean those baby's up and a way to give your locks a fresh - clean - look. Remove excess hair from the brush. Soak in Disenfectant cleaner for 5-30 minutes. Give them a quick scrub if there is still some stubborn dirt on there and re-soak for 10 more minutes. If not rinse and lay them on a towel in an open air place to dry overnight.


Enoy your clean hairbrushes!


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