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HBI Salon and Our Goal For Your Visit

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

GOALS! I am a huge "goals" person.  I absolutely love the end of the year,  after the hustle and bustle of Christmas has started to pass and I can get excited about focusing on the new year.  Focusing on what I want to accomplish in the months ahead.  And every year, without a doubt, spending more quality time is always on my list.  It seems as though the goal of "quality over quantity" grows more with every year that I "mature".   That's my way of saying as I get "older"!  LOL But it's true.   Laughing, smiling, making someone feel good are all things that I put in the  "Quality" category.  You know something?   God has brought some extremely special people to be a part of what is going on at HBI Salon and it absolutely makes me smile just thinking about it.  It is humbling and I don't say that flippantly.  I mean it.   From the incredible ladies that work alongside me that I have the honor of calling friends (as well as mentors) to the beautiful clients He brings through our doors, I am blessed.   So knowing how special this whole place is we want to make sure we share that with you.  

We don't always hit the mark.  We fail at times.  But we try.   We try our best to give you a style that works and makes you feel amazing  along with a boost of happy!   So THANK YOU!   Thank you for inspiring us and supporting us with all the love that you do.   Here is a short video about HBI Salon and Our Goal For Your Visit!



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