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A Hibbi Chick Hello

Hi there!

Well, we finally did it. We got our website up and running!! You know what's funny is this whole concept of "Hair Beauty Inspiration" started one night while studying scripture. I'll share a little later what I was studying but it was good stuff and I wondered what to do with it. Putting it in a blog seemed sort of natural. I'm not sure why because I seriously had zero intention of becoming a "blogger". But yet that is where I felt it was best to put it. I had to title the blog (because Blogspot asked me to title it) and so I wondered what I would even blog about passed this study that I had done. And all I know is God had given me a love for people and hairdressing, a love for seeing what really makes us "beautiful" in the eyes of our Lord, and finally, seeing how that inspires me. Also I really hoped that it might inspire others as well. All of that made me think I would name it based on the things I thought I might could actually talk about. Ground breaking approach, right? Well I know it wasn't but I like the "K.I.S.S." principle. Keep it simple, silly.

(Ah, you thought I was going to say stupid. LOL)

I very creatively titled the blog "Hair * Beauty * Inspiration".

Long story short, when it came time to name the salon there were a few names we tossed around but honestly Hair Beauty Inspiration Salon was really the obvious choice. God is the source of all inspiration to me and I can't tell you how thankful I am for the journey He has me on. Also, I'm crazy thankful you have stopped by to see what we are all about.

So hi there!!


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